We offer a free advice service and will gladly call and see you at your property/business to discuss your individual case without charge. Alternatively, you can telephone, email (please see our contact section) or write to us with your individual case - whichever you feel easier with !

As we work on a no-win, no-fee basis it is obviously of paramount importance that we give you the correct advice from the beginning. We have a proven successful track record in our chosen expertise and do not work on a hourly charge. We claim our fee when our service to the individual is completed as a whole.

Our clientele is made up of individual home owners/ business men/women/Residents Associations, Friends of the Earth, FSBS member's etc. We have a great deal of experience in our chosen field and rarely advertise as we prefer to be 'recommended' from client to client or 'word of mouth'. We will gladly give our time free of charge at a meeting (public or private) in order to provide an information service for a particular scheme.

In the majority of cases, our professional costs are paid by the offending Authorities ie: Council, Government. In some cases our costs can be retrieved in other ways from Developers or private individuals. Compensation Law protects most property owners in order that they can be represented by a professional and still not be 'out-of-pocket' when the case is concluded. We will only take a case if we feel that we can be successful, to do otherwise would not be fair to the individual and costly to ourselves, therefore costs will be discussed within the first consultation.

We work on a nationwide basis and we guarantee that no case will be either too small or too large for us to advise you.

Stephen offers an expert witness service for Court cases for individuals, Authorites and other professional bodies.